Poland in the Modern World

We Deserve More

In my post yesterday on the final results of Poland’s parliamentary elections, I mentioned in passing Jarosław Kaczynski’s speech from Sunday night, in which he declared that it was now “time to eliminate all those things which hinder our possibilities. We have to remember that we are a formation that deserves more. We got a

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Final Results

The votes have been counted, and the picture hasn’t changed much from last night. In percentage terms, the exit polls turned out to be reliable: If we look at the raw numbers, we see that the three parties supporting the basic norms of constitutional democracy got more votes than PiS, but fewer than PiS and

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According to the exit polls, the results are as follows: PiS: 43.6% KO: 27.4% Lewica: 11.9% PSL: 9.6% Konfederacja: 6.4% If these numbers hold, the Sejm will be divided as follows: PiS – 239 KO – 130 Lewica – 43 PSL – 34 Konfederacja – 13 There is a 2 percent margin of error in

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Election Update

The 17:00 turnout numbers are in, and the picture has changed dramatically. The highest figures are coming from Poland’s urban areas, and the overall figure (45.94% turnout) is almost 7 points higher than at the same time in 2015.The map is from http://ewybory.eu/wybory-parlamentarne-2019. Polls close at 21:00 (3 pm EST).

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Early Voter Turnout

As of noon Polish time, voter turnout is at a record high of 18.14%. That’s almost two points higher than the figure for noon on election day in 2015. Unfortunately, the regional pattern is grim: the biggest numbers are coming from the regions in the south and east where PiS enjoys overwhelming support (see the

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What is at Stake?

The following appeared in The Global Post on October 12, 2019. As a historian, I am inclined to take the long view on political developments, and I usually cringe when people describe an upcoming election as a choice between the apocalypse and salvation. But this weekend’s Polish election deserves all the hyperbole we can muster.

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