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Patriotic Petition

Protests and Patriotism

A petition is currently circulating among Polish Studies scholars regarding the fate of the Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk (click here for background on the scandal). The text of the letter is below, and I urge everyone who agrees with its message to join this protest by emailing the organizers, John Connelly

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So Far, PiS has a Secure Hold on Power

I’m not sure that there’s much point in tracking survey data about the popularity of the Law and Justice movement. First, between now and the next elections there are certain to be a lot of ups and downs for all the major parties in Poland, and we can’t make any projections based on the current

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How to Write a Headline about Conspiracy Theories

Kudos to Reuters (and others) for running the headline today, “Polish Minister says Foul Play Behind President’s Jet Crash.”  This contrasts with many press outlets that have been describing this as a dispute between “Poland” and “Russia” regarding the tragic 2010 accident that killed almost 100 Polish government officials (including president Lech Kaczyński).  Perhaps the difference between the vague shorthand “Poland”

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On Being a Professor in a Time of Extremism

Most of us in higher education hold to a set of ethical standards that govern how and what we teach. As a historian, I want to help my students develop a nuanced view of the world, I want them to recognize the importance of contextualizing problems in both time and space, and I want them

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Lech Wałęsa and the Politics of History

We need to set the substantive argument aside right at the start: there is no way we will ever know for sure whether Lech Wałęsa gave information to the communist security services in the early 1970s. The political stakes here are simply too high for any evidence to be persuasive for those not already predisposed

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KOD in their own words

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Continuing my effort to make the voices in current Polish debates available to an English-speaking audience, here is a text from the Committee for the Defense of Democracy that summarizes their opposition to the PiS government. As with my previous translation of PiS texts, you are free to use this as long as you credit

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